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Important News About Junior Cricket for Season 2024….

Important News About Junior Cricket for Season 2024….

David Thompson21 Dec 2023 - 15:51
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.…Junior Registration Evenings Confirmed!

The registration process for children wishing to join the Junior Section of Hartlepool Cricket Club for the 2024 cricket season is changing, although the venue is remaining the same, ie. the Clubhouse.

Dates of Registration Evenings :

On Wednesday, 10th January, 2024 the Registration Evening for those falling under the Under 12s to Under 17s, (ie. school year 7 and above as at September, 2023), is taking place in the small lounge : 6pm to 8pm.

On Thursday, 11th January, 2024 the Registration Evening for those falling under the Under 11s, Under 9s, Monkeys and the Cricket Reception Tots, (ie. school year 6 and below as at September, 2023), is taking place in the small lounge. Again, 6pm to 8pm.

As with 2023, the sessions are being held early to ensure that we receive our clothing order from Lorimers in time for the start of the outdoor training sessions in April, 2024.

The aims of the Registration Evenings are, :-

- To confirm the required size of your Young Cricketer’s clothing that is to be provided as part of their membership fee;

- To confirm the shirt number for the back of the provided cricket shirts. Those Young Cricketers who are to remain within the Primary School Age Group and the Secondary Age Group will retain their chosen shirt number from 2023. Those new Junior Members and those moving from the Primary School Age Group to the Secondary Age Group will be allocated a new shirt number; and

- To issue the new Membership Cards for 2024. On the reverse, these contain details of our Junior sponsor : Freers, Askew, Bunting, Solicitors :

Provision of Clothing :

In terms of clothing, :-

- The Cricket Reception Tots will receive a pair of shorts and the blue Hartlepool Pro Performance Training Shirt : please see the following links : and; and

- All other age groups will receive the Gray-Nicolls playing shirt as has been used in the last couple of seasons, complete with the newly introduced “FAB” logo, plus a Velocity mid-layer top : The mid-layer top can be worn during matches.

If any of our older Juniors play Senior cricket in 2024 and they need to wear a blue playing shirt they’ll need to wear the Senior version of the shirt.

Information about the sizes of clothing can be found at the following link, so please check what size is required before attending the Registration Evenings :

Electronic Membership Form :

We are again using an electronic Membership and Player Profile Form. The benefits of this is : to save on paper; and to assist with the administration of membership details. The new Form can be accessed here :

Should you have any queries regarding the Form, then please contact Chris Smith, who has kindly developed the Form : 07790308410. Many thanks to Chris for his expert help to produce this Form!

Please complete the Form BEFORE you attend the Registration Evenings. If you have more than one Young Cricketer who wishes to join the Junior Section, then you will need to complete one Form for each child.

Membership Fees for Season 2024 and Payments :

Membership fees are required to be paid by bank transfer, or via a standing order. The respective fee can be paid in one lump sum. The following fees apply for the 2024 season, which covers outdoor training only, :-

- Cricket Reception Tots, ie. those children in reception year : £50.00 : may be split into three payments, or paid in full : two payments of £20.00 and one payment of £10.00;

- Monkeys and Under 9s, ie. school year 1 up to 4 : £80.00 : may be split into three payments, or paid in full : two payments of £30.00 and one payment of £20.00; and

- All other age groups : £90.00 : may be split into three payments of £30.00, or paid in full.
Please note that if three instalments are to be paid, then payments are requested to be made as follows, :-

- 1st payment by 1st February, 2024;
- 2nd payment by 1st March, 2024; and
- 3rd payment by 1st April, 2024.

Payments are required to be made into the following Account : Hartlepool Junior Cricket Club; Account Number : 24049573; and Sort Code : 55-81-04.

When making payments please use the following reference, :-

24-[Name of Child/Children]
Example 1 : a single child : Noah Thompson : 24-NThompson
Example 2 : two children : Callan and Finlay Coverdale : 24-CF-Coverdale

As with 2023, there are no discounts for multiple children. If any parents, or carers have difficulties paying the above charges, then please contact David JB Thompson, (Junior Chair), on 07931147637 for a discrete and confidential discussion about how the Junior Section can provide support and assistance with fees.

Should any children wish to play cricket at Hartlepool Cricket Club in 2024, then their parents / carers are encouraged to attend the Registration Evening. If you are aware of any prospective players, then please share this article with them! We need to submit our respective clothing order to Lorimers in good time.

Separate fees will be applied for indoor training sessions, which will be notified in advance by Coaches.

Concluding Comments :

It would also be great if parents / carers could bring to the Registration Evening any cricket equipment that their Young Cricketer may have outgrown, (such as boots, pads, gloves and bats), which could be donated to the Junior Section for use by others. This is especially useful for those who are starting to play hardball cricket.

Parents and carers are also encouraged to take out a membership of Hartlepool Cricket Club too, thereby allowing them to take advantage of the applied membership discounts that are available. They can sign-up when attending the Registration Evenings!

Should you have any queries concerning the above, then please don’t hesitate to contact David, or Chris.

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