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Outcomes Arising from…

Outcomes Arising from…

David Thompson21 Feb - 12:48
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…Junior Section Annual General Meeting 2024!

The Junior Section’s Annual General Meeting was held on Wednesday, 24th January, 2024 at the Cricket Club. Although well attended by those who are currently active within the Junior Section, the level of attendance by parents and carers was disappointing. Hopefully, across the course of the Summer more parents and carers will have the confidence to step forward and volunteer to help within the Junior Section.

The following Officers were elected for 2024, :-

- President : Mike Gough Senior;
- Chair : David JB Thompson;
- Vice Chair : Kathryn Semple;
- Club Safeguarding Officer - Formerly appointed at Senior Club’s AGM : Kathryn Semple;
- Junior Treasurer : Susanne Wilkinson;
- Junior Secretary : Andrew Dixon;
- Women and Girls Representative : Kathryn Semple;
- Link Clubmark Co-ordination - Formerly appointed at Senior Club’s AGM : David JB Thompson;
- Junior Club Representative : Rob Snowball;
- Parent / Carer Representative : Ben Sirs;
- Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Officer : Andrew Tweed;
- Umpire Liaison Officer : Julian Shaw;
- All Stars Lead : Chris Smith;
- Monkeys Coach : Chris Smith;
- Under 9s Team Manager and Coach : Mick Draper;
- Under 9s Hardball Coach : David JB Thompson;
- Under 11s Team Manager and Coaches : Durham Cricket Board Junior League - David JB Thompson and Graeme Coverdale; and North Yorkshire Area Cricket Council - Andrew Dixon and Matthew Bowman;
- Under 12s Team Manager and Coaches : Peter Rhoden and Danny Hawkins;
- Under 13s Team Manager and Coaches : Durham Cricket Board Junior League - Danny Hawkins; and North Yorkshire Area Cricket Council - David JB Thompson and Graeme Coverdale;
- Under 14s Team Manager and Coaches : Chris Smith;
- Under 15s Team Manager and Coaches : Rob Snowball;
- Under 17s Team Manager and Coaches : Mick Harmison and Matthew Bowman;
- Under 11s Girls Team Manager and Coaches : Chris Smith and Erin Bowman;
- Under 13s, 15s and 17s Girls Team Manager and Coaches : Kathryn Semple, Erin Bowman and Gary Semple; and
- Women and Girls Team Manager and Coaches : Kathryn Semple, Gary Semple and Chris Smith.

Two new roles were established at the AGM, ie. Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Officer, (which Andrew Tweed is to undertake for both the Junior Section and the Senior Section), and Umpire Liaison Officer. Julian Shaw is to perform the role of Umpire Liaison Officer. Julian has over 20 years experience in umpiring matters, plus cricket administration. He’s played a significant role with Cleveland Schools Cricket Association for a number of years too. His experience will add to the workings of the Junior Section.

At the AGM some minor amendments were made to the Junior Section’s Rules. The updated document is attached. The Meeting also adopted our respective Safeguarding Policy Statement for 2024. This important document is attached.

Whilst this is my fifth year in the role of Junior Section Chair, it’s hoped that in 2025 there will be a new incumbent in this role.

Finally, I’d like to thank all those who work extremely hard in order to help deliver cricketing opportunities for our junior players at Hartlepool Cricket Club. Much of their work goes unseen.

Should you have any queries concerning the above, then please let me know. I can be contacted on 07931147637, or

David JB Thompson,
Junior Section Chair.


Hartlepool Cricket Club : Safeguarding Policy Statement - 2024


Hartlepool Junior Club Club Rules - 2024

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